T-nect PRO license

T-nect PRO license

A license to connect a smartphone to  T-nect server. For MULTI APARTMENT projects.

Fantastic opportunities in creating a single info space and processes automatization between the managing company, service companies and apartment owners

Fast start application to work when you enter activation code received from managing company. Support WiFi and 3G/4G.

Kit: T-nect app with  T-nect PRO license + SIP server True IP + Server T-nect.

9 eur.
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Если вы устанавливаете наше оборудование в первый раз, то перед началом монтажа рекомендуем полностью ознакомиться с инструкциями и собрать систему в минимальной конфигурации в офисе перед выездом на монтаж.

License T-nect PRO opens the additional reach features in cooperation between the apartment owners and management companies:

  • a lot of smartphones can be connected to one apartment
  • quick start for a user
  • dashboard to manage all mobile accounts
  • messages
  • service tickets with possibility to add pictures
  • individual settings for each apartment
  • votings
  • reports
  • templates
  • new ideas
  • possibility to add new services
  • control of service companies by the managing company
  • feedback to True IP to add new functions