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Конференция СКУД2023 Технологии и бизнес

Приглашаем вас на конференцию, которая пройдет 28 февраля 2023 г. по адресу г. Москва, EVENT-ХОЛЛ «ИНФОПРОСТРАНСТВО».
18 янв 2023
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Семинар True IP, DSSL и партнёров | Новосибирск

Приглашаем вас на семинар, который пройдет 22 сентября 2022 г. по адресу г. Новосибирск, Маринс Парк Отель, зал Екатеринбург.
15 сен 2022
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For individual users

Innovation, prestige, comfort! Receiving video calls and observe video cameras on your smartphone. Connection to the “smart home” system. Remote doors and automatic gates opening.

For developers

The modern solution will emphasize the prestige of the object. Residential complex with a protected area of any size. One security/oncierge service. Interactive communication with users and a new level of service. Wide opportunities for integration and cost reduction. Bring to life an interesting solution of your dreams. A lot of feedback to make new projects much better.

For installing companies

Fully IP solution - all in one UTP wire. Universal from the cottage/apartment up to multi apartment. Technical support and assistance at all stages. Fast delivery and discount system.

For integrators

The customer's desire is not a subject of compromise. Offer the many functions system with wide possibilities for integration with video surveillance, access control, IP intercom and "Smart home". Standard net equipment, typical solutions, projects. Easy scalability. Reducing the volume of cable route.

For service/managing companies

New level of service! Software for interactive communication with users. Service tickets, votings, messages, notifications, reports, service control. Possibility in creating new services.

IP SIP Doorphones & Integrated solutions

Инновации Innovations
Возможности Possibilities
Комфорт Comfort

International company True IP is one of leading developer of IP intercom systems (doorphones) and software. At the beginning our activity in 2010 year, we set an ambitious goal to bring to a new level the perception of intercom systems. The distinctive features of True IP brand are a combination of functionality, reliability and reasonable price.

True IP is an interation  with Asterisk, video surveillance, access control, «Smart home»monitoring of energy consumption data . Support SIP, TCP/IP, RTSP, ONVIF, DTMF, PoE. Innovative software together with mobile application provides  interactive communication between service companies and apartment's owners that allow build new level service. Great attention is paid to the customization of equipment and the addition of new features, according to the wishes of our customers, which allows us to make the project truly unique. All this allows us to implement not only interesting individual solutions, but also modern solutions for residential complexes, hotels or office buildings, including geographically dispersed ones.

True IP is not just an intercom – it is a world of innovative and interesting solutions.


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Microdistrict comfort class. Developer - MARTIN. 25 buildings, 800 apartments. True IP is integrated…
«Five Stars», Saint-Petersburg «Five Stars», Saint-Petersburg
Business class. Developer - Theorema. 5 buildings, 607 apartments. True IP is integrated with video surveillance…
«Champion park», Ekaterinburg «Champion park», Ekaterinburg
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